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Straightforward Lessons

Lessons are broken down into concise topics that can be learned in an hour or two.

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Digestible Videos

Lecture videos get straight to the point and show you how it all works. We usually work through a sample problem or two too.

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Extra Practice Problems

Want more practice with solutions? Many of our lessons have PDFs with extra problems and solutions with explanations!

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Hi, I’m TrevTutor!

I've been teaching on YouTube and in a university for over 7 years. In this time, I've come to love teaching, interacting with students, and making sure that students can acquire all the skills necessary to succeed.

My courses specialize in linguistics and discrete mathematics. They're aimed at learners of all stages, but especially to those who want to really understand the core concepts in discrete math and linguistics. We use simple language, show the intuition behind everything, and give you many exercises that push your thinking to make you successful in learning the material.

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In The Works

  • Discrete Mathematics: Predicate Logic
  • Linguistics: Morphology
  • Discrete Mathematics: Proofs
  • Discrete Mathematics: Number Theory
  • Discrete Mathematics: Relations and Functions
  • Constructed Languages: How to Build a Language