April 24, 2016 Update

  • Introduction to Linguistics Series is Complete

I have now finished the Introduction to Linguistics video series. Not all videos are public yet, but the links are active in the Intro Linguistics page. It is accompanied by two midterms with their solutions. There are no videos yet for these, but they may be made in the future.

  • Linear Algebra is being worked on

I created skeleton videos for linear algebra a few months back and have completely forgotten what some of the blanks are supposed to be, or where I’m supposed to input additional content not included in the skeleton. I’m going to have to remake the skeletons and streamline them better. This will be worked on shortly.

  • Discrete Math practice problem videos are being worked on

I am going to dedicate entire videos to 2 or 3 relevant practice problems from each section. This is the most popular series, so it only makes sense to add more computation/proof type questions.

  • Mathematical Linguistics is being worked on

This is a new series that covers all the basic math any linguist needs to know to go into mathematical linguistics. A large portion of the beginning of the course will overlap with Discrete Math, but I intend to introduce examples that are more linguistic-y and less math-y for those that are new to the whole math aspect of linguistics. It won’t be “dumbed down” per se, but there won’t be the same level of rigor as given in the discrete math courses.

In other words, the questions given will never be proofs. Instead, they will be applications of the content in a linguistic context. Except, of course, for the fundamentals of set theory and logic.

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