April 27, 2016 Update

Videos are now being released on a schedule. I will outline the schedule as far as it is now. This will be consistent until a series is complete.

Every Day – Discrete Math Practice Problems

  • A video each day will consist of 2 or 3 questions on a various topic. I will start with the beginning of Discrete Math 1, then work forwards towards the end of Discrete Math 2. After I have about 30 of these done and the major topics covered, I may consider going back and doing more questions in random topics.

Alternating Days – Linear Algebra / Mathematical Linguistics

  • Every day I will alternate between Linear Algebra and Mathematical Linguistics until Linear Algebra is done. Mathematical Linguistics may take quite a while to complete, so I expect Linear Algebra to be done first. I do not know what will replace Linear Algebra when it’s done, but I’m debating between continuing Calculus 2 which I abandoned awhile ago, or Introduction to Analysis, which will start with PROOF-ONLY set theory, relations, functions, then move into basic field theory, sequences, limits, and derivatives.


In other news, Introduction to Linguistics is now complete. The full series is uploaded and available, as well as practice midterms for the content. Enjoy!

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