May 9, 2016 Update

I’m happy with the progress that’s being made in the past few weeks. As of May 24th, that will be two videos a day for 30 straight days, which is something I have not been able to do in a long time. I now feel confident to list my summer goals.

  • 1. Finish Linear Algebra

I still need to finish covering some material on vector spaces, then all that remains are determinants, eigenvalues, eigenvectors, orthogonality, and least-squares. This should be done by the end of June.

  • 2. Finish Mathematical Linguistics

By mid June, compositional semantics with propositional and predicate logic will be complete. Then I can begin formal languages, which will likely end around mid July. I expect the whole course to be done in August if I release a video every other day.

  • 3. Continue Practice Question Series

When Linear Algebra is close to being done, I will start releasing practice problems for that as well. I am targeting Discrete Math right now because it’s a very, very diverse area and I can cover a lot of variety. Long term plans are to release one exercise video every day for any of the subjects on the channel.

  • 4. Start Intro to Real Analysis

I’ve been debating this one. Realistically, I should start this course with set theory, functions, relations, and more. What I’ll probably do instead is do one video on each topic with a few main proofs, and refer back to Discrete Math 1/2 for the rest of the material. Otherwise I’d be doing 12-15 videos of material I’ve already covered 2-3 times on the channel which is pointless. This would start after Linear Algebra ends.

  • 5. Start Calculus 2

This would alternate with Intro to Real Analysis on a daily basis. I left it 7 lectures in and I think the quality is fine. This would start after Mathematical Linguistics ends.



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