Calculus 1

Welcome to Calculus 1, the first part of Single Variable Calculus. This course covers all of differential calculus, with an introduction to limits. We also touch on polar coordinates and parametric equations.

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Limits at Infinity
Squeeze Theorem
Limit Review #1
Tangent Lines
Derivatives and Rate of Change
Notation and Higher Derivatives
Limit Review #2


Implicit Differentiation
Inverse Trigonometric Derivatives
Logarithm Derivatives
Logarithmic Differentiation
Derivative Review #2

Applications of Derivatives

Curve Sketching
Optimization #1
Optimization #2
Newton’s Method
L’Hospital’s Rule

Coordinate Systems and Antidifferentiation

Polar Curves

Practice Exams

McGill Math 139 – Quiz 3


Here are some worksheets and exams that I have compiled myself. Some exams and quizzes are new documents that merge selected old questions from multiple sections/years of a course and are given as a single new exam.

Exams and Worksheets

McGill Math 139 – Quiz 4
WashU Math 131 – Final Exam 2013
WashU Math 131 – Final Exam 2013 Solutions

3 thoughts on “Calculus 1

  1. Thank you for posting these videos. I’m doing very well in Discrete Math because of you 🙂
    I only just realized that you have Calculus videos and I’m so excited for that!

    Keep being awesome!


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