May 3, 2017

I don’t usually make posts anymore, since this site has basically become an archive of all my videos that I put on the YouTube channel. Perhaps I will add more to this site one day, but it’s difficult to maintain with the ongoing workload I already have in my academic life.


Syntax Series

I’ve been working on a Syntax series under Linguistics. 20 videos have been recorded and uploaded, and they are being released one day at a time. They release daily for the benefit of the YouTube algorithm and the illusion of consistent activity. Most of the time, videos are recorded in bulks of 6-10. For the syntax series, the first 14 videos were recorded on April 23rd, and videos 15-20 were recorded on May 2nd. The series should be around 28 videos in total, but I may extend the series to include additional motivation and theory, with less of a focus on trees after the core series is complete. Some things, such as the DP Hypothesis, X’ Theory, and VP-Internal Subject Hypothesis are introduced, but not necessarily motivated within the 10 minute videos. I may add more in the series to justify them.

Other Series

I still have plans to finish Mathematical Linguistics. I do not have plans to return to Linear Algebra at the moment. I am more likely to continue with Calculus 2 than Linear Algebra. I’m not very happy with the quality of my linear algebra series, so I’d like to rethink some things before getting back to it.

eBooks and other Paid Services

I’m focused on writing a few small $5-$10 eBooks that consist of practice exercises for Discrete Math. They would be topic-by-topic, so one book with ~60-70 questions on Set Theory, one book with ~60-70 questions on Logic, etc. They are intended to support the channel (and me), but in a way that supporters will receive anĀ actual product that they can use to help themselves. The eBooks would not necessarily contain explanations, and would refer you to videos or extra readings in free textbooks.

I write like one multi-part question a day, so don’t expect these out anytime soon. I also have to work on website revisions, etc.

Update and Linear Algebra Exam

I added an exam and solutions to Linear Algebra.

I’ll start updating the posts here eventually, but for now, please follow uploads HERE ON YOUTUBE.

Videos will still be added and listed on the website.