Discrete Math 1

Welcome to Discrete Mathematics 1, a course introducing Set Theory, Logic, Functions, Relations, Counting, and Proofs. Below, you will find the videos of each topic presented. If you have any suggestions or would like more practice on a certain topic, please send your suggestions to contact@trevtutor.com


Set Theory
Proof Techniques
Relations and Functions
Number Theory and Formal Language


Additional Exercise Videos

Set Theory

Cartesian Products
Set Operations
Sets and Subsets
Subsets and Power Sets
Symmetric Difference


Exclusive Or
Logic Laws
Logic Laws 2
Negating Quantifiers and Translation
Quantifiers and Unique Quantifiers
Sheffer Stroke
Statement Identification and Translation

Truth Tables


Combinations with Repetition
Permutations and Combinations
Rule of Sum and Rule of Product

Proof Techniques

Direct Proofs
Mathematical Induction
Mathematical Induction 2 (Derivatives and Matrices)
Pigeonhole Principle
Proof by Cases

Relations and Functions

Inverse Functions
Inverse Functions 2
Surjective Functions

Number Theory and Formal Languages

Congruency Proofs

Euclidean Algorithm and GCDs
Finite State Automata
Floor and Ceiling
Formal Languages

Exams and Worksheets

Discrete Math 1 – Midterm 1
Discrete Math 1 – Midterm 1 Solutions
Discrete Math 1 – Midterm 1 Video Solutions
Discrete Math 1 – Midterm 2
Discrete Math 1 – Midterm 2 Solutions
Discrete Math 1 – Midterm 2 Video Solutions
Discrete Math 1 – Final
Discrete Math 1 – Final Solutions

16 thoughts on “Discrete Math 1

  1. Hey I just finished 2nd lecture of Discrete Mathematics Part 1 … I would say great work. You have pretty great teaching talent ! Keep it up !


  2. Indeed, you have done a great job.
    Suggestion: Please write about the prerequisites below the course content.
    Otherwise what are the prerequisites for discrete mathematics 1 and Linear Algebra.

    Thanks a tan for your tireless effort.


  3. This is going to be great help to learn a lot of this stuff before I take Discrete in the fall semester in college. Discrete will be the hardest math class in the fall so these videos are a great help before I learn it,cause most of my time will be spent understanding Discrete cause I have many other classes to worry about that will be on the easier side like Calc and physics. Thanks for you help your videos make sense and you are a great tutor.


  4. Your videos are literally what I go to after every DM lecture. You are getting me through this class!! My prof is a mathematician and all, but teaching is not his strong point. Soooo cheers!!! 😀


  5. Hi i have a question can you give me a solution for that i didnot understand.
    here is the question:

    If a function is bijective then it is both injective and surjective explain why we need both definitions of injective and surjective with examples of your own(you can have more than one).


  6. You’re the reason I passed my class this semester, I really appreciate your videos! The examples you use just make everything a lot more comprehensive. It’s not an say subject all, but the way you explain things makes it bearable and super interesting. THANK YOU!


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