Introduction to Linguistics

Welcome to Introduction to Linguistics, a course covering the five main areas of analysis. None of these topics go into too much depth, but form a solid basis for follow-up courses that are a little more rigorous. If you have any questions or suggestions, please email them to


Overview of Linguistics

Syntax – Word Order, Word Classes, Prescriptive vs Descriptive
Syntax – Constituency Tests
Syntax – Phrase Structure Rules, Specifiers, Complements, Tree Structures

Semantics – Ambiguity, Entailment, Paraphrase, and Contradictions
Semantics – Gricean Maxims, Implicature, and Presupposition
Semantics – Theta Roles

Morphology – Free and Bound Morphemes, Affixes
Morphology – Derivational and Inflectional Morphemes, Morphological Changes
Morphology – Clipping, Blending, Backformation, Acronyms, and Onomatopoeia

Phonetics – International Phonetic Alphabet, Sound Classes, Articulatory Phonetics
Phonetics – Consonants: Production and Transcription
Phonetics – Vowels: Production and Transcription

Phonology – Minimal Pairs, Phonemes, and Allophones
Phonology – Syllable Structure and Sonoroity Hierarchy
Phonology – Features
Phonology – Rules and Derivation

4 thoughts on “Introduction to Linguistics

  1. I just wanted to thank you for your videos! I just started studying (Bachelor of Education – English/Philosophy) and your videos on linguistics really save me a lot of time! You’re good at explaining things and your passion for teaching motivates me greatly! ^^ I will recommend you to all my fellow students! Keep up the good work!
    Greetings from CJ in Germany


  2. Seems like this page isn’t fully updated; the two first links to “morphology” directs to the same video, and the phonetics portion hasn’t been linked up yet. Just a heads up – content is amazing!


  3. In the PDF: “introduction-to-linguistics-midterm-1-solutions” the word ‘Optionality’ is a Noun not an Adjective in exercice 2 ^^


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