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Introduction and Generative Phonology

Phonemes, Allophones, Minimal Pairs, and Complementary Distribution
Phoneme and Allophone Problems
Consonants: Manner Features
Consonants: Place Features and Laryngeal Features
Consonants: Feature Practice
Vowels: Features
Phonological Rules with Features
Phonology Problem: Korean Sibilants
Phonological Rules: More Examples
Rule Ordering
Sonority Hierarchy
Syllables and Syllable Structure
Phonological Rules on Syllables

Feature Geometry and Autosegmental Phonology

Feature Geometry and The Feature Tree
Feature Geometry Problems and the Obligatory Contour Principle
The CV Tier and Arabic Templatic Morphology
Moras and Syllable Weight
Autosegmental Tone
Prosodic Words

Optimality Theory

Introduction to Optimality Theory
Basic Problems in Optimality Theory
Stress in Optimality Theory
Tones in Optimality Theory
Syllables in Optimality Theory