Natural Deduction

Welcome to Natural Deductive Logic, which is a rigorous introduction to Propositional and Predicate Logic with Metatheory. These videos will cover everything you need to know in an introductory logic course, as well as touch on some topics you would encounter in an intermediate logic course.

If you have any suggestions or would like more practice on a certain topic, please send your suggestions to


Propositional Logic

Proofs and Rules #1
Proofs and Rules #2
Constructing Proofs
Derivable Rules for Proofs

Completeness and Soundness of Propositional Logic

Completeness II
Completeness III
Completeness IV
Completeness V

Quantificational Logic

Free and Bound Variables

2 thoughts on “Natural Deduction

  1. Hye Trevor ,do you actually have a book in which i can find the exact demonstration of completeness which you gave on youtube ?


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